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Golden Nugget RV Park, Anchorage, Alaska

~Speed limit is 10 M.P.H
~Rent must be paid in advance.
~All tenants must register with park prior to moving in.
~All units must be approved by the park.
~Spaces must be kept clean at all times.
~Nothing can be stored around or under campers or on campsite.
~Children must be under supervision at all times. They are not permitted to play around the office, and parents will be held responsible for any damage their children do in and around the park.
~Quiet time is between 10 PM and 6 AM.
~Only two (2) vehicles parked at each site. Extra vehicles parked up front is $5.00 per day. All others will be towed at owner's expense without notice.
~All campers and vehicles must be currently licensed.
~No riding and/or sorting off-road vehicles, boats, utility trailers, etc. in the park.
~No commercial vehicles on the premises.
~Pets allowed on approval and must be cleaned up after on a regular basis. Dogs cannot be tied up outside unless tenant is present. If pets create a nuisance, their owners will be asked to leave the park. Dogs are not permitted to run loose.
~All propane tanks must be secured.
~Mail transfer is for 30 days only.
~Check the office for messages. We do not deliver.
~No outside laundry on fences or autos.
~No smoking in lobby, restrooms or laundry room.
~Any person or persons who do not abide by our rules will be asked to leave the park without further notice. Anyone refusing to leave the park will be towed at their expense.
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